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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

How probiotics can help you

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help keep the community of microorganisms in your gut and throughout the body in a balanced healthy state. When people hear the word “bacteria” it does conjure up negative connotations. Healthy bacteria is present in our gut, skin, mouths, and lungs. Probiotics keep the bad bacteria at bay!

These healthy bacteria help us function through our daily life. There are some types of foods that can’t be digested properly, thus probiotics are that middle man. They are able to digest the foods that our body struggles with and turn it into a food source that our bodies can digest.

As for addressing specific health issues? There is an abundance of evidence that suggest that probiotics can improve digestion and decrease bloating, improve immune functions and some mood disorders. There are many more benefits!

3 things to look for in a Probiotic

· CFU’s -the number of colony-forming units will tell you how many probiotics you are getting. Most supplements contain between 1 to 10 billion per dose.

· Look for supplements that have properly researched strains. The outcome of a specific health issues is dependent on the type of strain.

· Look for outside or third-party endorsements. Some of them are: USP (US Pharmacopeial Convention): NSF International: Consumer Lab.

Here are 3 recommended picks (non-prescription)

· Culturelle – ten billion (plus) probiotic cultures Culturelle Probiotics

· Align Probiotics – one billion probiotic cultures

· Nature’s Bounty Probiotic 10 - twenty billion probiotic cultures

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