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Best Tasting and Healthiest Protein Bars for Everyone

Updated: May 18, 2021

Athletes to moms are looking for nutritious, on-the go healthy snacks or maintaining muscle mass in between workouts. Protein Bars are a convenient snack because they are very portable. They fit easily into a gym bag, purse or at your office desk.

What Makes a “Healthy” Protein Bar?

Always do your due diligence when choosing a Protein snack! Why? A lot of bars may contain high servings of sugar alcohols or saturated fats. Have you ever bitten into one of these bars and smell a faint odor of alcohol? That’s sugar alcohol.

Dieticians say the ideal protein bar has somewhere between 180 - 300 calories and 20 grams of protein. Below are our criteria for a healthy protein bar:

· Contain at least 10 grams of protein. 15-21 grams to build or gain muscle.

· No more than 5 grams of sugar. No sugar alcohol.

· 15 grams of fiber. Too much fiber can cause stomach issues but is needed to process protein.

· Tastes good. Lets face it, a cardboard taste is hard to stomach.

The Winner is….

Our team tried a variety of bars meeting the criteria listed above. We all had different winners and losers (opinions) but one bar was on everybody’s list.

Quest Protein Bar-Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Buy the best protein bar

· 21g of protein

· 1g of sugar

· 14g fiber

· Tasted great

A close second was the Aloha Organic Protein Bar.

Because everyone’s nutritional needs are different, always consult your physician.

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